Dynamo Park

Dynamo Park

The park is a link between several residential blocks in the Dynamo area, stretching from Leningradsky Prospekt to the reconstructed «Dynamo» stadium and the VTB Arena Park city block.

Today there is an opportunity to return to the territory the unique function of the «Dynamo» Physical Culture and Sports Park, to make the park friendly, lively and safe. Eight hectares of green park will provide peace and unconditional protection of residents from the hustle and bustle, separating the city block from the stadium full of events.

The renovated park, one of the pearls of the «Dynamo» district, will become a real Moscow landmark. The historical park area will be preserved and landscaped, walking, cycling and rollerblading paths, playgrounds, play areas, places for physical education and many other opportunities for relaxing and active recreation will appear. Currently, there are practically no places left in the center of Moscow where a person can take a break from the hustle and bustle near their home or office, spend time outdoors with their family and friends. Here everyone can find something to their liking: children can go in for sports and spend time usefully, combining games and learning; teenagers will have at their disposal playgrounds for practicing various sports, a territory for development and manifestation of their individuality; business people will be able to leave the walls of the office and continue working in the fresh air, taking a fresh look at their prospects; and sports fans will have the opportunity to train outside or just breathe in the fresh air.

8 ha
of green area
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