VTB Arena

VTB Arena

VTB Arena - «Dynamo» Central Stadium will unite two facilities under one roof: a small and a large sports arena, as well as a leisure and entertainment complex.
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In 2010, the management of the «VTB Arena Park» project invited the leading specialized bureau Manica Architecture, represented by its founder and renowned architect David Manica, to develop the project concept in detail in order to improve the functionality of the facility, as well as ensure the manufacturability of its construction, in order to ultimately obtain a unique for our country's sports and entertainment complex.

Among the projects implemented by Manica Architecture are such interesting buildings as the stadium in the capital of Qatar, Doha, the «Mercedes-Benz Arena» in Shanghai, the Olympic Basketball Hall in Beijing and the breathtaking «O2 Arena» in London.

«VTB Arena Park» is one of the most interesting and exciting projects I have ever worked on. If you look at the structures already created and constructed around the world, you will not find a single object exactly like this. Combining a large sports stadium and a multifunctional arena that seem to “hover” above the shopping and entertainment center and the preserved historical stadium wall, this project is undoubtedly a new benchmark for similar development projects around the world. «VTB Arena Park» will be a place that residents of the city and visitors to the capital can enjoy throughout the year and for many decades
David Maniki

The project uses revolutionary ideas, new materials and technologies. So, for example, the roof will be made of transparent materials, the use of which in such structures has become possible only in the last 20 years, and on the southern facade overlooking Leningradsky Prospekt and the «Dynamo» metro station, a huge glass wall will be placed, into which LED strips are built., allowing you to turn glass into a giant screen at night.

The total capacity of the «Dynamo» Central Stadium will be 25,716 seats, the capacity during the concert is 33,000 seats. The «Dynamo» Central Stadium will have 26 VIP boxes for 13-20 seats each and one VVIP box for 102 seats.

VTB Arena, a small sports arena, has 3 configurations: hockey, basketball and concert. At the same time, the change from one configuration to another is carried out in a matter of hours. Capacity during various events is from 7,000 to 14,000 people. The small sports arena has 44 VIP boxes for 13-20 seats each and one VIP box for 60 seats.

25 716
seating during football matches
33 000
maximum capacity of the site
VIP boxes

From the point of view of technical equipment, this is the most modern concert venue in Moscow.

The Arena Plaza shopping center is located on the 1st floor of the Arena, with an area of 30 thousand square meters. m2

Also, parking for 742 cars is provided under the sports and entertainment complex, of which 23 cars are for low-mobility groups of the population.