19th century
Even in such a huge city as Moscow, it is difficult to find a place where the history of architecture, sports and the state would be so closely intertwined. Beginning with the construction of the Petrovsky Palace in these places at the end of the 18th century, the close attention of the inhabitants of the Russian Empire was literally riveted to the surroundings of the entrance palace of the royal family. The 19th century gave Muscovites the wonderful Petrovsky Park, which still under the canopy of its centuries-old trees gives every visitor a feeling of peace and harmony. And even in Soviet Russia, the attractiveness of Petrovsky Park did not weaken for a minute, the largest sports complex at that time was opened here - the «Dynamo» Central Stadium» - the sports Mecca of Russia.
In 1926, the construction of the first large sports facility in Moscow, the Dynamo Stadium, began on the territory of the park. In 1927, at the highest government and party levels, it was decided to hold a grandiose sports festival-review, called the All-Union Spartakiad, to commemorate the decade of Soviet power and the adoption of the first five-year plan for the development of the national economy. The construction of the stadium therefore became a state task, and the intensity of the new construction grew every day. The creation of architects Alexander Yakovlevich Langman and Leonid Zakharovich Cherikover was first opened to athletes and fans in 1928.

The Spartakiad summed up the results of the activities of physical culture organizations in the first years of their existence and was a vivid demonstration of the rapid growth of the physical culture movement.
7125 athletes took part in its program, which included competitions in 21 sports, a number unprecedented in the history of sports.

The most remarkable event of the sports day was the participation in competitions on a large and varied program of representatives of the union republics - Belarusian, Uzbek, Turkmen, etc. - in which, a few years before, they essentially did not know about such sports as basketball, football, volleyball , tennis.

The All-Union Spartakiad of 1928 was also a major event in international sporting life. The competition was attended by 612 athletes, representatives of workers' sports organizations from 17 countries.
Initially, the «Dynamo» stadium had the shape of a horseshoe, open to Petrovsky Park and closed from Leningradsky Prospekt, but in 1936 the East Stand was built, enclosing the stadium.

Since that time, the «Dynamo» stadium has a capacity of 54 thousand spectators and until 1956 remained the main arena of the country. But even after the construction of the Luzhniki stadium in 1956, the Dynamo stadium remains the sports "mecca" of the capital.

It is here that one of the best goalkeepers in the world, Lev Yashin, begins his majestic sports career. Tens of thousands of spectators anxiously watched the impregnable football goals from the stands of the Dynamo stadium, Vladimir Vysotsky sang about the great Dynamo goalkeeper:

Here is the referee assigning a penalty to the opponent -
Reporters swarm at those gates.
Only one stubbornly misses me behind my back -
He will have a nice rest today!
In 1980, during the Moscow Olympics, the stadium hosted matches of a football tournament.

5 meetings were held here: the USSR - Cuba (8:0), Colombia - Nigeria (1:0), the quarterfinals of the USSR - Kuwait (2:1), the semifinals of Czechoslovakia - Yugoslavia (2:0), the match for 3rd place of the USSR - Yugoslavia (2:0). The small arena of the «Dynamo» stadium hosted the matches of the Olympic field hockey tournament.

Dynamo fans can tell many heroic stories that took place among the historical walls of the stadium. Many of these stories have become legends.
Since the beginning of the 80s, the stadium has become an object of attraction not only for athletes and fans, but also for the cultural community of Moscow. Dynamo Stadium begins to hold the largest concerts. It was here that on July 23, 1996, the first concert of Deep Purple in Russia took place, a fan of which is the President of our country, Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. And on September 17 of the same year, at the «Dynamo» Stadium, as part of the HIStory world tour, the second concert of Michael Jackson in Russia was held.

Our state has changed, Moscow is changing, the time has come for the renovation of the «Dynamo» stadium!